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The Meals

Each lodge has an in-house Cook/Custodian. The day starts with a hearty breakfast and ends with a mountain sized evening meal including dessert.


  • Breakfast times

Whakapapa: 7.15 am
Turoa: 7.00 am

  • Lunch

Light lunch on bad weather days only. Bread and fillings for sandwiches are provided at breakfast for members to make lunch to take skiing

  • Afternoon tea

On return from skiing the Cook will supply an afternoon tea.

  • Dinner

7.00 pm ish for both Lodges

  • Snacks

Each Lodge has a bar area, separate from the kitchen for members use. The club provides tea, coffee, milk, cordial, biscuits, bread etc where Members can help themselves. Bring your own wine/beer and nibbles.


Note ...

Arriving on Friday night ...

For members arriving on Friday evening, dinner is available ONLY if $5 is prepaid on the Booking Form.

For a fee of $20, members may invite a guest who is not staying in the Lodge for dinner, with the prior approval of the Lodge Leader and the Cook.

Respecting other people's property ...

Please be careful not to drink or eat other member's food and drink which may be stored there. Use only club refreshments or what you bring yourself. Parents, please inform your children!